4 05 2011

Thats right, only 52 more days until our wedding! Because the list keeps getting smaller it sure makes things get less stressful and more enjoyable! 🙂 Today I pretty much finished up the songs for the reception to give to the DJ and the ceremony song list. Things are just really coming together, including our apartment!

So this is a picture of what used to be our spare room! It is just packed full of all the wedding stuff, and this is where my brother is supposed to sleep when he comes out here for the wedding! Oopsie ;). Have a wonderful day everyone! 🙂



3 05 2011

Hey everyone! Let me tell you I have just been so busy, nonstop! Last time I posted was about the Royal Wedding and wasn’t it just beautiful! 🙂 Best wishes to both of them.

So here are some things that I have got done since the last time I talked to you:

  • Got all of the paper goods for the reception (cups, napkins, plates, & table clothes)
  • Picked up some more decorations
  • Signed the lease for our apartment!
  • Started cleaning our apartment (a lot of work!)
  • Rolled 230 sets of silverware…(still more to do)
  • Finished all the tutus!
  • People are RSVP-ing (if you haven’t, please do!)

It feels so good to see how much stuff is coming along! Phew, it sure is a lot of work and this whole nonstop always doing something drains you! It will pay off in the end.  🙂 Of course, there are a bunch of stuff we still need to do like:

  • Finish the ceremony song list
  • Pick out our vows
  • Day-of transportation
  • Reception song list
  • Final dress fitting
  • Hair trial
  • & have my shower!! (it’s a surprise, so I have no idea when it is…)


Hopefully today I can get at least one of these things done! Enjoy your day everyone! To all the other people planning a wedding, get as much as you can, done early! Feels good the things I have left are not much work! 🙂

A Royal Wedding.

29 04 2011

Good morning everyone! It is 5 am here and of course I am up watching the Royal Wedding! Just a few more hours and William & Katie will be saying I do! It is truly a special event and a fairy tale wedding!

Speaking of weddings! Today my mom, aunt, and I are heading out to get some more stuff for my wedding! We are looking to get plates, napkins, cups, and all that good stuff! Yesterday I got treat myself to a facial and let me tell you it was amazing! It was a little over an hour-long and so relaxing, a perfect way to melt the wedding stress away!

Enjoy your day! Only 1 more hour until the wedding begins! 🙂 And only 57 until my fairy tale wedding.

Time is flying by!

26 04 2011

Hey everyone! I have been one busy lady lately so I feel like I haven’t had much time to do anything! Last night Collin and I went to pick up our kitchen table. It has to be put together but it is adorable! By the way very shortly we will be moving into our apartment?! YIKES! 🙂

I don’t have any pictures up of anything yet, but hopefully soon! So yesterday was exactly 2 months until our wedding so that means its one day closer today, which is exactly 60 days! I am so beyond excited! It is finally almost here.  What made it seem even more realistic is that a package came in the mail, and it was for me! Guess what it was? A wedding present!! How fun! My aunt and uncle in Florida bought us luggage! I was very excited! By the way in about a month Collin and I have almost been engaged for a year! How crazy is that?

So here I am trying to keep sane and gettings things ready to move, planning a wedding, and trying to enjoy everything because it will be over before I know it! Thank you everyone for your ideas, support and just reading what I have to say! It has been one crazy ride! Enjoy your day! 🙂

Short & Sweet!

24 04 2011

Happy Easter everyone I hope you all have an amazing day! It sure is beautiful here today! 🙂 This weekend Collin and I bought a kitchen table, an end table, and a coffee table! More on that later! Jesus has RISEN and He is ALIVE! 🙂

Easter is a hop around the corner!

21 04 2011

Hey everyone! It is sweet Thursday, the day where a big sigh of relief comes because you know one more day of the work week! Well today me and my kiddos (not exactly mine but the children I babysit) decorated Easter eggs and boy was it fun! I really miss doing all these traditions we used to do as kids and stopped doing as we got older. Boo for getting old! They are sleeping right now and when they wake up an Easter egg hunt it is!

So tonight my aunt and I will be heading to the reception site to try to figure out a game plan of how everything will be set up. My aunt is in charge of all the decorating and the flowers, what an amazing women she is! 🙂 She is very creative and somehow can make all things work together.

Everything is literally falling all together. I am thanking God for providing us with all the big stuff, down to the littlest things! You are awesome! This is what Easter is really about our Saviour coming to the cross for our sins! This is some real stuff right here people! Enjoy our day the sun is out here, but the wind is crazy! Happy Easter! 🙂

A place to call home…for now ;)

18 04 2011

Happy Monday everyone! I had to get up a tad bit earlier than usual but it left me with lots of motivation to start cleaning and doing laundry! Yay! Good news: Collin and I have found somewhere to live! The apartment should be ready for us to move in by May 1st! They are going to put new carpet and fix a few more things before we can move in.


It is so crazy that we will finally start having our own place to call home! 🙂 It has left me with a very challenging task though; trying to decorate and make an apartment look as cute and stylish as it can get!  I am thinking I might just have to take pictures of the process. Bring it on! Enjoy your day friends! Love you all ❤