Shoes & Jewelry

8 03 2011

My bridesmaids had already ordered their dresses in November so it was time for me to make a few more decisions. Originally I was going to have them all wear cowboy boots, because that’s what I’m wearing but I figured it would take away from me wearing them! (sounds selfish I know..but you know what I mean!) So I decided to let them choose whatever they want for shoes. I have seen a few pictures of other bridesmaids doing this and I think it looks adorable! Plus they will be able to “bring out their own style” because each of them has a pretty distinct different one. I told them the shoes have to be black and to be careful of the heel size with the guy they are walking with. One of my bridesmaids..would wear stilts if she could 😉 okay that’s an exaggeration but she loves heels!

Here are some pictures of other bridesmaids wearing all different types of shoes:

So then for jewelry I know I wanted them to wear a long necklace because with a strapless I wasn’t too sure how a short one would look like. So I searched online at my favorite store I would buy a necklace from Forever 21.

Aren’t they adorable? They are only like 6 bucks too, so what a steal! 🙂
So now all their attire is all figured out. Phew! One more thing off the list! 🙂 So I want to share with you the wedding I found that made me get all these crazy ideas for mine. I LOVE and ADORE what these people did. Watch the video at the end too! 🙂 Tonight I am meeting up with my personal attendent, a good friend who just got married in October, so she knows all the in and outs of getting married! 😉

Fill ‘Em Up!

10 02 2011

Because I have already been engaged for about 8 months. I have already gotten a few things done for the wedding. So I have a bunch of things to fill you guys in on! The date of our wedding is June 25, 2011. My dress and bridesmaid dress have already come in! My colors are a french blue (which is the color of the bridesmaid dresses) with green and black accents. Our theme is a rustic chic antique country wedding :). Down to earth and different from your ordinary wedding. We will be expecting around 300 guests! I know…I know…. it’s a lot but Collin comes from a very big family! More the merry right? Just don’t come hungry! 😉 (kidding….kinda) With going to lots of yard sales this summer I have found TONS of mason jars for very cheap to use as my centerpieces! 🙂 These are some of my ideas for our center pieces:

This one would have green apples in it instead of red:

I wanted lots of candles so we wouldn’t have to worry about flowers and with a later in the after noon wedding (we’re thinking 5) it will create the perfect setting! I was just playing around to see what looked good with what. Also, I didn’t want each table to  be the exact same that’s why I did so many different things!

Oh yeah, best of all this is my ring! He picked it out all by himself and I love and adore it! It’s absolutely beautiful! More than I could have ever asked for!

So far I am loving this blogging “stuff”. Last night before I was going to bed I was brainstorming what I would come up with for today! 🙂 Rock on, and don’t forget to give me some of your ideas too!