Saving Money! :)

13 04 2011

Okay so I have started the job of clipping coupons and let me tell you it’s actually been very exciting! 🙂 Last night Collin and I went to Rite Aid and Shaws and got some steals so this afternoon I found a few more coupons and picked up some more stuff for close to nothing! 🙂 I headed back to Shaws again and to Target!

$15 bought me all of this good stuff! The water, powerade. and powerbars are for Collin for work. 🙂 The rest are going to stay in bags and be saved for when I have my own place! By the way, this is the best part:

Can’t get the picture to go the right way, but check out those savings! 🙂 I spent $15 and saved $17, go me! Stay dry my friends!


Long time…no talk.

12 04 2011

Okay, so if you are friends with me on Facebook you would have seen how I made another blog on But I have decided to just stick with this one because it has everything since the beginning. So here I am! 🙂

It has been beautiful in New Hampshire! Finally some nice warm sunshine! Boy, do I love it! 🙂 Collin and I checked out 2 more apartments! Hmm…one was teeny-tiny, and the other had LOTS of space (almost too much). I know you can never have too much space…but really we do not have loads of stuff (okay, maybe I do…). But I think we almost decided on where we are going to live. Not going to tell, just incase we change our mind! 😉

Okay, so I have been inspired to start couponing! I get very excited to know I am saving money and getting deals! Collin likes to get into it too so it makes it kind of “date night” fun! Stuff I have been getting is like dryer sheets, dish soap, deodorant, canned food. Anything we can stock up on now and save for later and wont have to worry about it!

Listen to this! I have already had a few wedding dreams, but this time it was so realistic. Many things did go wrong (in my other dreams they were disasters) but it was very real and things worked out. Did anyone else have crazy dreams before the big day? One part of my dream, none of the groomsmen were standing up at the altar with Collin so I asked, “Where are all your guys” and Collin said “Why does it matter I’m here?!” Oh geez.

If you know of someone getting married soon, share my blog with them! I would love to hear how their planning is going! 🙂 So here we go with only  74 more days left! Wowzers, is right!