Just a rainy day…

16 03 2011

Hey! It is beyond crazy the amount of views I have been getting! Everyday becomes the “most viewed” day! It is very exciting so thank you for everyone who has jumped on in for the ride ! 🙂 Yesterday I accomplished another run, it was almost the same just a tad bit shorter because I was starting to feel the soreness! Yikes! Today I can barely walk my ankles and shins are in pain. 😦 Because it is raining buckets here I will not be able to venture outside so I am thinking about doing some sort of exercise on On Demand. If you have this you should check it out! There are some really awesome workouts that kick your butt!

Most of the flower girl mothers have order the outfits from my last blog! Now I have to go get some tulle to start working on those tutus.

That’s about it! Maybe I will go tanning tonight so I can get a small taste of summer, I always call it my 15 minutes in paradise! 8) Enjoy your day everyone and stay dry if you live anywhere near me!


Running Around

15 03 2011

Hey there! Hope everyone is having a fantastic day! 🙂 I am loving that it stays lighter for so much longer now and because I get out of work around 6/6:30 it’s usually pitch dark out. So yesterday I grabbed my sneaks and went for a run because it was still light out and it was wonderful! It was 1.75 miles and it consisted of hills (up & down) and myself running & walking. I know just under 2 miles doesn’t seem a lot but since I have not been working out in ages I figured I would start easy and so I wouldn’t have to call Collin to come pick me up! 😉 I have to say I am proud of myself, but am thinking if I keep up the running I will need to get an iPod! 🙂

I am thinking this would be perfect for running around! 🙂

So far, nothing new on wedding details. My #1 thing I need to get done is finishing up those invitations! Before we had heard the news we couldn’t get married at the apple orchard, my dumb self had already made up the invitations. BUT good news they were easy to make and took me and Collin about 2 hours to put them all together! I just need to get some more ink for my printer, I have enough black but it wont print anything out if its low on color.

Well that’s it for today! Enjoy your day everyone keep smiling and rock on! 😉