Long time no talk!

21 03 2011

Happy Monday everyone! 🙂 I feel like it has been forever and I have lots of things to fill you in on!

Here we go! Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day! This is how I enjoyed mine:

I made the kids green eggs & they were beyond surprised that they would still taste the same. Skye actually made me pinky promise her they would still taste like eggs! Gave me a chuckle! 🙂

Friday, there was no school here so I took the kids to Coco Keys an indoor water park! It sure was a blast! 🙂

Saturday, my mom and I hit the roads and went shopping! We ended up with some awesome purchases. We bought ink for my printer so I could finally reprint out all of the invitations, thank you cards for my shower (whenever that is!), we got these cute little bags for favors (m&ms) and stamps for the bags, a glass vase with a cover to do unity sand as part of the ceremony (we are going to use two masons jars to pour the sand into the vase) a glass jug that dispenser drinks one which will have iced tea and another that will have water (we only found 1 so we are still looking for another). I think that might be it…6 hours later I was beat! We also got to make 2 stops at antique stores to find some neat decorations for the wedding! 🙂

Hope wherever you might be it’s not snowing like it is here! I am ready for spring and the warmth!



5 03 2011

Hey there! Hope everyone is totally enjoying their day today!  🙂 So here are my favors for our wedding which is coming faster than I can keep track of!

I had ordered these a while ago. “the perfect match”

My sister-in-law-to be, Jodie got me these for Christmas along with the news she is going to order them for favors for the wedding. I could of cried when I found out….she’s such a giving lady plus who doesn’t love chocolate?! This was the cute box they came in:

m&ms! plus they have a picture of us on some, our wedding date on others, and our names! Now I have to find cute little boxes of bags to put them in. I seen some really cute ones at Michaels any other ideas?

So that’s it for favors! Sorry I haven’t been on here in what seems to be forever but getting back into work and the swing of things after vacation has been draining me! 112 days until our wedding! (I’ll believe it when it comes!)