3 months! :)

25 03 2011

Hey everyone! Happy Friday 🙂 Boy, do I just LOVE Fridays!  In New Hampshire its freezing out…not what you would call spring weather! BUT this morning I was driving to work and the sky was so blue and crystal clear without one cloud. I took it as a sign that God has got all these wedding plans taken care of and He is going to bless us with a beautiful day! 🙂

All of the flower girls have ordered their outfits and a few of them have come in. It looks adorable all together and the tutu and shoes match perfectly! BIG NEWS: I sent out my invitations today! EEEKKK! It made the fact I’m getting married really set in. I am also passing some of the invitations out to save on postage and to make it more personal :). It is beyond crazy how fast time is flying by. Now I am just waiting for everyone to rsvp and work on all the small little details!

Enjoy your day everyone because I sure am!

Just a snapshot from the past for fun! 🙂


96 more days….

21 03 2011

The fact that there is now less than a 100 days left until our wedding scares me how fast it is going to go by!I have been getting things done left and right so it does feel good to cross things off the list. 😉

Saturday after shopping I came home jumped into some warm jammies and started working on the invitations. I got all of the paper cut out, printed, stamped, and put together! PHEW! Took me 2 1/2 hours but feels good that now I can send those suckers out! Also, I got all of the addresses I  needed!

100+ pieces of paper all cut out and ready to be printed!

Today I started working on little signs or labels you could call them for drinks and the reserved table.

I am planning on punching holes in the two top corners and string some ribbon in the holes! 🙂

I made this with old scrabble pieces and had seen this on someones wedding blog when the planning first began!

I made up this little saying to go next to it also with pieces of paper 🙂

We also made a down payment on our honeymoon! That means everything is booked and I am so ready to go! 🙂 Thats about it! Planning on sending out invitations by Friday! Have a wonderful day and rock on! 🙂

Long time no talk!

21 03 2011

Happy Monday everyone! 🙂 I feel like it has been forever and I have lots of things to fill you in on!

Here we go! Happy belated St. Patrick’s Day! This is how I enjoyed mine:

I made the kids green eggs & they were beyond surprised that they would still taste the same. Skye actually made me pinky promise her they would still taste like eggs! Gave me a chuckle! 🙂

Friday, there was no school here so I took the kids to Coco Keys an indoor water park! It sure was a blast! 🙂

Saturday, my mom and I hit the roads and went shopping! We ended up with some awesome purchases. We bought ink for my printer so I could finally reprint out all of the invitations, thank you cards for my shower (whenever that is!), we got these cute little bags for favors (m&ms) and stamps for the bags, a glass vase with a cover to do unity sand as part of the ceremony (we are going to use two masons jars to pour the sand into the vase) a glass jug that dispenser drinks one which will have iced tea and another that will have water (we only found 1 so we are still looking for another). I think that might be it…6 hours later I was beat! We also got to make 2 stops at antique stores to find some neat decorations for the wedding! 🙂

Hope wherever you might be it’s not snowing like it is here! I am ready for spring and the warmth!

Running Around

15 03 2011

Hey there! Hope everyone is having a fantastic day! 🙂 I am loving that it stays lighter for so much longer now and because I get out of work around 6/6:30 it’s usually pitch dark out. So yesterday I grabbed my sneaks and went for a run because it was still light out and it was wonderful! It was 1.75 miles and it consisted of hills (up & down) and myself running & walking. I know just under 2 miles doesn’t seem a lot but since I have not been working out in ages I figured I would start easy and so I wouldn’t have to call Collin to come pick me up! 😉 I have to say I am proud of myself, but am thinking if I keep up the running I will need to get an iPod! 🙂

I am thinking this would be perfect for running around! 🙂

So far, nothing new on wedding details. My #1 thing I need to get done is finishing up those invitations! Before we had heard the news we couldn’t get married at the apple orchard, my dumb self had already made up the invitations. BUT good news they were easy to make and took me and Collin about 2 hours to put them all together! I just need to get some more ink for my printer, I have enough black but it wont print anything out if its low on color.

Well that’s it for today! Enjoy your day everyone keep smiling and rock on! 😉


8 03 2011

So I just finished up addressing 100+ envelopes and it wasn’t anywhere as bad as I thought it would be. The kids I babysit were napping so I put on the tunes and started writing. Got all of them (except 10, I still need their addresses) done. I also made two piles, one that I would send out in the mail and two ones I will just hand out. I figured to help with the cost of stamps with our friends and close family we will just give them their invitations straight from the source! 😉

Things are really starting to come together! One not so good thing, we have not been able to get in touch with our travel agency, were not sure if its her phone or if she just isn’t around! If we don’t get in touch with her by this weekend were going to go on www.expedia.com and try to do it ourselves. Yikes! So be praying she answers! 🙂 Later gator!

Your invited 2

5 03 2011

As you guys saw on here before the picture/front part of our invitations came in the mail from shutterfly. So my mom and I went to a few craft stores and found stamp, ink, paper, hole-punch, & little clasps. The picture card we ordered is 5X7 after search a few craft stores we had found out that you can’t really buy already cut 5X7 paper of all the same color. So yes, we did have to buy 8×11 paper and cut it all into 5×7.

This was the cute stamp we bought with sepia ink:

This is the most nifty hole-punch you could imagine! It makes a 1/16 inch circle punch and could even punch through thin metal. It’s a weapon!

These are the tiny little clasps which fit perfectly into the little hole (these will attach the two pieces of paper together) :

The final product:

the other piece of paper is adorable but I can’t show you everything! Maybe you will be one of the lucky 300 who are invited 😉 Rock on!

Another Box :)

17 02 2011

It’s a beautiful day in NH! As you might of thought they came in!! My wedding invitations that is! I am so glad that they came in before I was gone in SC because I would have been bummed if I couldn’t see them right away..Take a peak!

This was on the box and I thought it was adorable:


Here they are!:

I am so excited! Now we just have to get card stock and some clasps to put everything together! And tomorrow I am heading south! Not sure how much I will be on here so see ya later! 🙂 Also, share my blog with a friend I would love more people to share their thoughts!