An orange box

16 02 2011

I have never been so excited to pull into my driveway to see an orange box waiting for me at my front door! My guest book has come in!!!! 🙂 It’s absolutely beautiful and perfect! I could just look at it over and over again…Okay, so its a 20 page book that is filled with our engagement pictures and has room around the pictures for people to sign. Any ideas on what type of pens to use that wont smudge? I think I had heard that Sharpie has pens that work really well.

This is my little surprise I found at my front door:

Opening it up:

So I am not going to show any pictures of the guest book! I gotta keep some things a surprise for my wedding ;). BUT tomorrow my invitations are supposed to be coming in!! YIKES. OH and there are only 129 days left until the wedding, and I am beyond excited :). Rock on!


Love is a beautiful thing <3

14 02 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you are all enjoying it where ever you might be! Collin and I went out for dinner this weekend and gave each other our gifts last night. We are horrible at waiting until the actual holiday to give each other our gifts. I am one lucky lady that’s for sure!

He gave these to me on Saturday night:

Last night we decided to just give each other our gifts. So mine to him consisted of: twix candy bars, chewy caramels, some new shampoo, advanced therapy lotion (he always works outside so his hands are like sandpaper), and a gift certificate to go get a haircut! So on his to me consisted of : LOTS of dove chocolate (my absolute favorite), and some of my favorite Yankee Candle air fresheners for my car (leather & fluffy towels..its kinda like clean cotton but way better!) Let me tell you this weekend I felt very loved! 🙂

So tonight we are planning on getting chinese food, renting a movie, and relaxing and loving each others company! I decided to make him a little card just for something…

For wedding stuff I haven’t really needed to get anything done. I know that my guest book and invitations are on the way though!!! Oh yeah, on Friday im heading to South Carolina for a few days for a short vacation so this week consist of cleaning, laundry, and getting everything together before Friday night. Talk to you soon and keep on lovin’ love!

You are invited…

10 02 2011

Just ordered our invitations and guest book! Yikes, I have the feeling things will really set in when I see those come in the mail! And of course I will post some pictures up when they are waiting for me at my front door! Invitations are a 5×7 photo card with our engagement pictures on it. We will be attaching a piece of fancy card stock with all the wedding details with a pretty clasp. Hmm..not sure if you understand where I am going with this but I will show pictures when we start the assembling. For the guest book it is a 20 page book with our engagement pictures inside with room to write a little something for us :). I left a few extra blank pages just incase we need the space. Where did I create these master pieces? The one the only, It is awesome the things you can create on there and perfect for the diy kinda girl ;).