Early bird gets the worm.

14 05 2011

Hey everyone! So this morning I was up and ready to do something at about 6 am. Thats right, a tad bit early for your sleeping in Saturday! But hey what the heck! I started by doing some cleaning then getting ready. Collin and I headed to Wal Mart to pick up some food, light bulbs, and contact paper (which by the way is my WORST enemy.) We had heard of a yard sale happening so we figured we would stop just to check it out.

These are the treasures that we found:

Treasure #1: We got this lamp for $5!

Treasure #2: We got this end table for $2!! The lady knew Collin and I so I think she gave us a deal! 😉

Treasur#3: I found these yesterday at a yard sale when I went with my cousin. These babies were only $3!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Saturday and have a fantastic Sunday too! 🙂


a place to call home, for now.

13 05 2011

So this is the kitchen:

Okay so this is that table we got from Bernie and Phyl’s for only $200! Collin was still doing work o n the place so that explains the mess!

I know, your  jealous of my piggy bank ;). So those bar stools I got for free. What a deal right? I think with them there it really separates the living room and kitchen.

Sorry that the picture is kind of blurry but this is the living room! 🙂 Without our couch….

Ta da! We bought the couch at Big Lots for $300! The coffee table and table with the tv on was also purchased at Bernie and Phyl’s for $50 each. I cant wait to get some kind of decorations on the wall!

Time is flying by!

26 04 2011

Hey everyone! I have been one busy lady lately so I feel like I haven’t had much time to do anything! Last night Collin and I went to pick up our kitchen table. It has to be put together but it is adorable! By the way very shortly we will be moving into our apartment?! YIKES! 🙂

I don’t have any pictures up of anything yet, but hopefully soon! So yesterday was exactly 2 months until our wedding so that means its one day closer today, which is exactly 60 days! I am so beyond excited! It is finally almost here.  What made it seem even more realistic is that a package came in the mail, and it was for me! Guess what it was? A wedding present!! How fun! My aunt and uncle in Florida bought us luggage! I was very excited! By the way in about a month Collin and I have almost been engaged for a year! How crazy is that?

So here I am trying to keep sane and gettings things ready to move, planning a wedding, and trying to enjoy everything because it will be over before I know it! Thank you everyone for your ideas, support and just reading what I have to say! It has been one crazy ride! Enjoy your day! 🙂

Short & Sweet!

24 04 2011

Happy Easter everyone I hope you all have an amazing day! It sure is beautiful here today! 🙂 This weekend Collin and I bought a kitchen table, an end table, and a coffee table! More on that later! Jesus has RISEN and He is ALIVE! 🙂