3 months! :)

25 03 2011

Hey everyone! Happy Friday 🙂 Boy, do I just LOVE Fridays!  In New Hampshire its freezing out…not what you would call spring weather! BUT this morning I was driving to work and the sky was so blue and crystal clear without one cloud. I took it as a sign that God has got all these wedding plans taken care of and He is going to bless us with a beautiful day! 🙂

All of the flower girls have ordered their outfits and a few of them have come in. It looks adorable all together and the tutu and shoes match perfectly! BIG NEWS: I sent out my invitations today! EEEKKK! It made the fact I’m getting married really set in. I am also passing some of the invitations out to save on postage and to make it more personal :). It is beyond crazy how fast time is flying by. Now I am just waiting for everyone to rsvp and work on all the small little details!

Enjoy your day everyone because I sure am!

Just a snapshot from the past for fun! 🙂


Girls just wanna have fun! :)

22 03 2011

Hey everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your day! I ventured to Joann Fabrics today to purchase some tulle to start making the flower girls tutus. I ended up getting a color of tulle called “Toast”. Other colors I have seen were too dark or too light but this one was just right! (starting to sound like Goldilocks!)

First I cut the tulle into strips…now I don’t go by any measurements just start cutting and make a straight line from one end to the other! You fold the strip of tulle in half and wrap it around the elastic band like you would a scarf.

You keep on doing it again and again until the whole elastic band is filled up!

Final Product!:

Tada! It took just about 4 yards of tulle..and that’s all I bought but I finally got 1 done now 3 more to go! 🙂

Girls Rule, Boy Drool!

15 03 2011

I was thinking and I have never told you about who is standing in our wedding for children. Well, I have to say we are having 4 very precious girls being our flower girls! & NO BOYS! 😉 nothing against boys, but these 4 girls are way too adorable to just be sitting in a chair at our wedding! Two of the girls Lexis & Ava are my cousins, and the other two girls Jenna & Tessa are Collin’s nieces.

For their attire I will be making them tutus to wear! Adorable right? I was not fond of most flower girl dresses and it will add a little funk that I like. 🙂 I am thinking making them a champagne color because it is in my dress. Also I am having them wear white t-shirts, white leggings, and some sandals. Check out what I found:




Today I started making the elastic band for the tutu, you just sew together a piece of elastic band that you can buy at any craft store to the right size for who you are making it for 🙂


Very easy to do! Try it out, hopefully tonight I will be able to go out and get tulle to work on some tutus!