Busy Bee!

24 05 2011

Hey everyone! I havent been on here in what seems a dog’s age! Yikes better fill you in on EVERYTHING that has been happening. So on May 15th, two Sundays ago was my shower! YAY! I got so much stuff and loved it all! I was just overly blessed! Thank you everyone! My bridesmaids did an awesome job putting it on even though a few things held them up they put together an amazing shower!! Love you :).

Collin and I have really started filling this apartment up! At first It felt so empty and it was not feeling like home. Slowly but surely it is starting to feel real cozy! Some decorations, pictures, and curtains have made that help!

The days are absolutely flying on by! In two days it will exactly be 1 month and I have no idea where the time has gone! This weekend, (May 29th to be exact) will be 1 year that Collin and I have been engaged! 🙂 I will never forget that moment for as long as I live. The butterflies and excitement…hmm love is a beautiful thing!

Speaking of being engaged! I got to see a family friend (my babysitter when I was a tot) be proposed to. Well I didn’t see exactly when it happened but exactly right after! Her ring is gorgeous! Congrats Meltncheese! (or as known as to some people Jenn). 🙂

Hopefully Collin and I are doing something awesome this weekend to celebrate our wonderful year of engagement and of course memorial day! On Friday we will be going to one of Collin’s very good friends wedding ( I have just started to really get to know her) Miss Cali Joy! 🙂 She is so beautiful and will be saying I do to her best friend and I am so excited to be there for it! Its kind of funny because we both kind of started dating around the same time, got engaged around the same time, and now getting married about a month apart!

It has been raining cats and dogs all week in New Hampshire and the sun finally just poked out and it is beautiful outside! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week! Next time it wont be this long until I chat again!


On your mark, get set, GO!

9 02 2011

So here I am writing my first blog ever! I’m just trying to get the hang of everything on here, so be patient with me please! As I said in my “about me” I am starting this blog so you can hop on in and enjoy the ride of me planning my wedding. Lucky for you, you will be in the passenger seat enjoying it…as I get to enjoy the stress and craziness of it all! So how did this all happen? I would love to tell you the story when Collin asked me to marry him :). He was in South Carolina helping his brother finish building his house. I knew that he would have to drive up here by himself and 16 hours in the car alone, most likely with one eye open didn’t seem comforting to me. So I decided to fly down there for the weekend and drive back up with him. So on May 29th I went to the airport bright and early and headed down south. To get to the point of the story…Collin and I were downtown Greenville, South Carolina sitting on a bench swing and enjoying the evening. Minutes later he was on one knee, asking me to spend the rest of my life with him, and of course I said YES!  Heres a few pictures from later that night….I couldnt stop smiling and to tell you the truth I really didn’t want to 😉

Also once we made a few phone calls to tell everyone the news….our phones were blowing up:

And on June 25th, 2011 we will be making it official with an outside wedding at a nearby apple orchard :).