Fill ‘Em Up!

10 02 2011

Because I have already been engaged for about 8 months. I have already gotten a few things done for the wedding. So I have a bunch of things to fill you guys in on! The date of our wedding is June 25, 2011. My dress and bridesmaid dress have already come in! My colors are a french blue (which is the color of the bridesmaid dresses) with green and black accents. Our theme is a rustic chic antique country wedding :). Down to earth and different from your ordinary wedding. We will be expecting around 300 guests! I know…I know…. it’s a lot but Collin comes from a very big family! More the merry right? Just don’t come hungry! 😉 (kidding….kinda) With going to lots of yard sales this summer I have found TONS of mason jars for very cheap to use as my centerpieces! 🙂 These are some of my ideas for our center pieces:

This one would have green apples in it instead of red:

I wanted lots of candles so we wouldn’t have to worry about flowers and with a later in the after noon wedding (we’re thinking 5) it will create the perfect setting! I was just playing around to see what looked good with what. Also, I didn’t want each table to  be the exact same that’s why I did so many different things!

Oh yeah, best of all this is my ring! He picked it out all by himself and I love and adore it! It’s absolutely beautiful! More than I could have ever asked for!

So far I am loving this blogging “stuff”. Last night before I was going to bed I was brainstorming what I would come up with for today! 🙂 Rock on, and don’t forget to give me some of your ideas too!