Twenty what?

2 06 2011


Hey everyone! Hope you are having an amazing Thursday so far! I’m doing this from my new phone which is all touch screen and its a challange.

I can’t even begin to believe it that there is only 23 more days left! I have no idea where the time has gone! Last night my mom and I went and bought dress shirts for my brothers to wear. They are dark grey very stylish short sleeves (because it will probably be roasting out) button ups with two pockets. They are exactly what I was looking for! We also bought the cake cutting set with our name and wedding date engraved on it.

Hope you have a great day!


82 to go!

4 04 2011

Wowzers! I have not written a blog in what seems forever (I think it has been exactly a week!). There hasn’t been much updating on the wedding stuff and I don’t want to give you the boring same old same news each day. Let me fill you in on the few things that have happened.

Cupcakes: this weekend we finally got to taste some flavors for our cake & cupcakes! They were absolutely delicious. There was a chocolate and vanilla cupcake with raspberry filling & a chocolate & vanilla cupcake with a chocolate filling. She also gave us a chocolate with peanut butter frosting but with so many people allergic to nuts these days we figured we would skip that one out. But because the rest were so yummy we are going to have all 4 of them for our guests to choose! And our cake will be a vanilla cake with raspberry filling! I should have snapped a few pictures but they were gone before I could! Oopsie!

Tux: YAY! Thank you to all the guys standing for getting fitted before the deadline! What a relief you know how guys can be sometimes…waiting to the last minute. 😉

People have been RSVPing back to me so that has been making things feel like it is coming together. If you got an invitation, and you haven’t RSVP, do it! please 😉

Enjoy your day…the rain is coming down like crazy! But that means no more snow for us! :).


12 03 2011

Things are looking so far up! My last blog I was telling you about how we needed to find somewhere else to have our ceremony. Cathedral of the Pines was one of our first options ($1200 for 2 hours) and we weren’t sure if they would be available for our wedding date. BUT Collin had got in touch with a very wonderful lady who lives in town, to ask if we could get married there. Last summer 2 people got married there and it was so gorgeous! It’s a beautiful field. So, Collin ran into her yesterday and she was beyond excited and said YES! 🙂 Phew, hey?

The news kept on getting better and better throughout the day. Collin called back and said he had talked to Molly (our travel agent) and she was getting us all hooked up with our honeymoon travels! As of right now we are planning on going to the Bahamas and staying at the Riu Palace Paradise Island. It is an all-inclusive hotel and is right next to Atlantis which is a beautiful hotel but not all-inclusive and is actually very pricey for food. You can get day passes to Atlantis to go check it out, hit the water park and all that fun stuff!

Pools & gardens

Then, like I said I was meeting with the person making my cake, and it went awesome! We are going to have a small 2 tier cake and then have cupcakes for everyone. She is going to be making us some samples to try out! 🙂 She really understood what I wanted and helped me figure what would work best and so on! So today is totally different from yesterday morning! Can’t wait to be sitting in the white sand and gazing into the blue waters! 😉 God is so good!

Good news & bad news.

11 03 2011

So last night Collin called me and said ” I have good news and bad news, which do you want first?” So here it goes and as I remember there really wasn’t much good news…The place we thought we were going to have our ceremony (apple orchard) is out of the picture, for insurance reasons & the fact they will be spraying the apple trees around that time so we can not get married up there. So we are back to square 1 but with my trust in the Lord, I am confident that He has an awesome spot picked out for us! 🙂 Collin had gotten in touch with Cathedral of the Pines in Rindge, NH & left a message so were hoping they are available for our wedding date! It is beautiful up there but a tad bit pricey for 2 hours.

Some good news, last night we picked out the tux and Collin got fitted at Men’s Warehouse so that was something else to check off the list. We also got in touch with our travel agent! Yaahoo, today was the day if we didn’t get in touch we were going to try to book everything ourselves! Tonight I am meeting with the lady who will be making out cake, so that too is exciting!

I am trying to keep my head up and not get stressed out or worried because I KNOW we will have a beautiful wedding and everything will work out. Also, be praying for Japan, Hawaii, & the West Coast for protection. Enjoy this rainy day as much as you can.