3 05 2011

Hey everyone! Let me tell you I have just been so busy, nonstop! Last time I posted was about the Royal Wedding and wasn’t it just beautiful! 🙂 Best wishes to both of them.

So here are some things that I have got done since the last time I talked to you:

  • Got all of the paper goods for the reception (cups, napkins, plates, & table clothes)
  • Picked up some more decorations
  • Signed the lease for our apartment!
  • Started cleaning our apartment (a lot of work!)
  • Rolled 230 sets of silverware…(still more to do)
  • Finished all the tutus!
  • People are RSVP-ing (if you haven’t, please do!)

It feels so good to see how much stuff is coming along! Phew, it sure is a lot of work and this whole nonstop always doing something drains you! It will pay off in the end.  🙂 Of course, there are a bunch of stuff we still need to do like:

  • Finish the ceremony song list
  • Pick out our vows
  • Day-of transportation
  • Reception song list
  • Final dress fitting
  • Hair trial
  • & have my shower!! (it’s a surprise, so I have no idea when it is…)


Hopefully today I can get at least one of these things done! Enjoy your day everyone! To all the other people planning a wedding, get as much as you can, done early! Feels good the things I have left are not much work! 🙂




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