Long time…no talk.

12 04 2011

Okay, so if you are friends with me on Facebook you would have seen how I made another blog on blogger.com. But I have decided to just stick with this one because it has everything since the beginning. So here I am! 🙂

It has been beautiful in New Hampshire! Finally some nice warm sunshine! Boy, do I love it! 🙂 Collin and I checked out 2 more apartments! Hmm…one was teeny-tiny, and the other had LOTS of space (almost too much). I know you can never have too much space…but really we do not have loads of stuff (okay, maybe I do…). But I think we almost decided on where we are going to live. Not going to tell, just incase we change our mind! 😉

Okay, so I have been inspired to start couponing! I get very excited to know I am saving money and getting deals! Collin likes to get into it too so it makes it kind of “date night” fun! Stuff I have been getting is like dryer sheets, dish soap, deodorant, canned food. Anything we can stock up on now and save for later and wont have to worry about it!

Listen to this! I have already had a few wedding dreams, but this time it was so realistic. Many things did go wrong (in my other dreams they were disasters) but it was very real and things worked out. Did anyone else have crazy dreams before the big day? One part of my dream, none of the groomsmen were standing up at the altar with Collin so I asked, “Where are all your guys” and Collin said “Why does it matter I’m here?!” Oh geez.

If you know of someone getting married soon, share my blog with them! I would love to hear how their planning is going! 🙂 So here we go with only  74 more days left! Wowzers, is right!




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13 04 2011

Oh my word…the wedding dreams. I had one where all the sudden I wake up from a nap and looked at my phone and see the date ‘February 20th 2010’ and the time was 4:45pm (the wedding started at 5). I was like “Crap! Doesn’t anybody care to wake the bride up on her wedding day!?” So I’m rushing around and call my sister to do my hair really fast so I can to the church. So I’m sittin there with one sister doing my hair while the other sister’s workin on my make-up and I start hearing thumping coming from the next room. I get up to see both my brothers in a huge bloody fist fight and their tuxes were all ripped up. So I start yelling at them and then I woke up so relieved with weeks left before the big day…:) funny part is I was so calm about all the wedding planning I was hardly nervous so I don’t know why I’d have sucha dream 🙂

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