82 to go!

4 04 2011

Wowzers! I have not written a blog in what seems forever (I think it has been exactly a week!). There hasn’t been much updating on the wedding stuff and I don’t want to give you the boring same old same news each day. Let me fill you in on the few things that have happened.

Cupcakes: this weekend we finally got to taste some flavors for our cake & cupcakes! They were absolutely delicious. There was a chocolate and vanilla cupcake with raspberry filling & a chocolate & vanilla cupcake with a chocolate filling. She also gave us a chocolate with peanut butter frosting but with so many people allergic to nuts these days we figured we would skip that one out. But because the rest were so yummy we are going to have all 4 of them for our guests to choose! And our cake will be a vanilla cake with raspberry filling! I should have snapped a few pictures but they were gone before I could! Oopsie!

Tux: YAY! Thank you to all the guys standing for getting fitted before the deadline! What a relief you know how guys can be sometimes…waiting to the last minute. 😉

People have been RSVPing back to me so that has been making things feel like it is coming together. If you got an invitation, and you haven’t RSVP, do it! please 😉

Enjoy your day…the rain is coming down like crazy! But that means no more snow for us! :).




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