one thousand.

9 03 2011

I am VERY happy to say that my blog has gotten over 1,000 views! Sometimes I wonder who would even want to read about me and my doings, but you guys really do! Aw, love you too! 🙂 Okay so we are working on the songs to play during the ceremony and reception. I would love the suggestions! For the ceremony we have 2 songs picked out so far, not sure if that’s going to be it or what but I love them! I could listen to them over and over again and they give me butterflies and I start feeling nervous. (like im about to walk down the aisle or something!) For the reception we need some suggestions on some dance music, nothing too “rappy” or with “rough lyrics” kids will be at our wedding, and I could care less about that sort of music. So fill me in people, and whats some music that would make you break it down?




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