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5 03 2011

As you guys saw on here before the picture/front part of our invitations came in the mail from shutterfly. So my mom and I went to a few craft stores and found stamp, ink, paper, hole-punch, & little clasps. The picture card we ordered is 5X7 after search a few craft stores we had found out that you can’t really buy already cut 5X7 paper of all the same color. So yes, we did have to buy 8×11 paper and cut it all into 5×7.

This was the cute stamp we bought with sepia ink:

This is the most nifty hole-punch you could imagine! It makes a 1/16 inch circle punch and could even punch through thin metal. It’s a weapon!

These are the tiny little clasps which fit perfectly into the little hole (these will attach the two pieces of paper together) :

The final product:

the other piece of paper is adorable but I can’t show you everything! Maybe you will be one of the lucky 300 who are invited 😉 Rock on!




2 responses

7 03 2011

Very crafty! Unusual and stylish! I think your invites will be really memorable, as I have never seen one done quite like that 🙂 They’re really well done!

I hope your hands aren’t too tired after making 300!

8 03 2011

Thanks! The nice thing is I really onlyhad to make about 100…and it was a lot easier and smoother process than I thought it would be! 🙂

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