Target. check. Bed Bath & Beyond. check.

11 02 2011

Last night Collin and I started our wedding registry! We are registering at Target & Bed Bath & Beyond. Let me tell you I was very excited to be doing this but when it came to actually picking out the things we were going to use everyday I was instantly overwhelmed. Oh by the way, Collin and I both live with our parents still so we have absolutely nothing! The list for things we need is more than a mile long. :/ Not only did being overwhelmed stress me out at Bed Bath & Beyond a consultant comes around with you which I felt pressured into getting things and making choice right then and there. Plus it was about 7 o’clock at night so I felt a bit rushed in making choices..Bummer hey? The light at the end of the tunnel: Collin and I brought our spirits up by just complaining and making jokes about the way Bed Bath & Beyond ran their show “You NEED one of these, and probably 3 of them too!” Oh yeah, the Starbucks and snicker also cheered us right up for the way home! Somehow that boy can always put a smile on my face! So tonight we are venturing out again! With good attitudes and ready to find things we WANT! & I am planning to take my camera too so we can capture a few moments! Its friday, take a big breath in and begin to relax and enjoy your weekend because I am! 🙂

P.S. If you have any ideas to put on our registry hit up the comment button! 🙂




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11 02 2011
Kristine Vaillancourt

Think about what you like to cook and what you’d need to prepare it . When you do your bedroom it’s a good idea to stick with the neutrals for bedding and put your color in the accessories. You can have fun looking for them at sales, clearances, and don’t forget the yard sales! Good luck and have fun doing it. Your friend is right, don’t let anyone pressure you.

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