You are invited…

10 02 2011

Just ordered our invitations and guest book! Yikes, I have the feeling things will really set in when I see those come in the mail! And of course I will post some pictures up when they are waiting for me at my front door! Invitations are a 5×7 photo card with our engagement pictures on it. We will be attaching a piece of fancy card stock with all the wedding details with a pretty clasp. Hmm..not sure if you understand where I am going with this but I will show pictures when we start the assembling. For the guest book it is a 20 page book with our engagement pictures inside with room to write a little something for us :). I left a few extra blank pages just incase we need the space. Where did I create these master pieces? The one the only, It is awesome the things you can create on there and perfect for the diy kinda girl ;).




2 responses

10 02 2011

Exciting! Can’t wait to see the pictures – will keep an eye open for them 🙂

I haven’t sorted any of my wedding stationery yet. Having your engagement pictures on the invites is a really lovely idea!

10 02 2011

Thanks! I have seen many couples do it and it is such a cute thing! Plus people can keep the invitations with the pictures of you guys on it 🙂

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